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Mobile DNA TestingOne advantage of choosing X-celerated Screenings is the convenience of our mobile services. X-celerated will visit the location of your choice whether it’s a home DNA test, hospital, or other location during and after business hours. X-celerated’s mobile DNA testing services are perfect for individuals or group testing.

Our DNA collection specialists travel to you to collect your DNA sample instead of requiring you to travel to us. Since, in most cases, the DNA sample can be collected with a simple, non-invasive swab drawn around the inside of the mouth, the procedure can be performed nearly anywhere when administered by someone trained in the proper collection techniques.

Below are a few of the popular locations we are requested to collect DNA samples from:

  • Home: Every situation is unique. In some cases, our customers prefer us to come to their home.Contact us for more information.

  • Hospital: A DNA test sample can be collected within just a few hours of a birth. Our professionally trained DNA specialists will travel to the hospital to collect a DNA sample from your newborn.

  • Other Locations: Hotels, Crematory/Medical Examiners Office, Doctor’s Office, and others.

All DNA specialists are professionally trained and 100% confidential!

X-celerated Screenings serves individuals and families in Central Florida and worldwide through our large network of accredited laboratories and DNA collection sites throughout the United States and in other countries. Every case is unique; regardless of your situation or location we can help. Contact us today.

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