What Is Paternity Fraud?

Paternity fraud happens when a mother tags a person as the biological father, when she knows or suspects that the he is not the real father.  This is usually done to collect child support from the putative father.  In a … Continue reading

Paternity Testing Part IV: Choosing A Laboratory

According to surveys, more than 200,000 paternity tests have been performed every year in the United States.  DNA paternity test is one of the most admissible evidences in court for establishing or challenging paternity.  Also, DNA paternity tests can be … Continue reading

Paternity Testing Part III: Types Of Paternity DNA Testing

Not long ago, experts devised a technology to support women of their pregnancy by knowing the paternity long before they give birth. To date, prenatal paternity DNA testing is now available starting five weeks of pregnancy. The paternity DNA testing … Continue reading

Paternity Testing Part II: How To Establish Paternity

Establishing paternity may take a lot of effort but many says there are really rewarding benefits to it. Today, there are advanced technologies to help women establish paternity for bioethical and legal concerns. The court, insurance and inheritance companies, and … Continue reading

Paternity Testing Part I: What Establishing Paternity Really Means

Establishing paternity means you are establishing the legality of the child’s father. To acknowledge the child’s paternity, both parents would be signing the child’s birth certificate. The child has the right to know both parents; it is not just about … Continue reading