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Background Screening Services

Level 2 Background Check / Live Scan Fingerprinting

A level 2 background check is and in-depth criminal background check including local, state, federal and sex offender databases. A level 2 background check requires live scan fingerprinting and is most commonly required for departments such as Department of Children and Families, AHCA, Florida Department of Health, those who are applying for professional licenses and more.


  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement Approved
  • FBI Approved Digital Fingerprinting
  • Affordable, Convenient and Fast
  • Combine with drug testing services and save!
Criminal Background Check
A multi-jurisdictional search with data gathered from a variety of sources including court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release information, arrest data, wants and warrants and others.

  • Federal Criminal Background Check
  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Statewide Criminal Background Check
  • County Criminal Background Check
National Sex Offender

A 50-state sex offender screening that verifies whether the individual may be a sex offender. The National Sex Offender search can help identify individuals who disregard legal mandates to maintain their offender status in the public.

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

A driving record report that provides data directly from state driving motor vehicle records. Provides real-time data and include license details like state issued, status, expiration, suspensions, violations and more. All 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico available.

Credit Check

Our credit reporting addresses the needs of real estate professionals and employers nationwide. Our reports are generated using Transunion’s database. Reports include current and past addresses, current and previous employers, credit score, a credit summary and more.

Eviction Check

Data gathered from millions of landlord-tenant records that cannot be found from credit reporting alone. Provides past court actions. Unlawful detainers, monetary judgements, property damage claims and more.

Social Security Verification

A social security number verification provides a history of past and present addresses, name history and movement patterns of an individual based upon their social security number.

Background Profile

A powerful screening that provides a summary of an individual’s national bankruptcies, national assessors records, previous addresses, verification of social security number, possible family members and their ages, addresses, phone numbers and more.

Medical Solutions

Credentialed Practitioner Verification

Verifies whether an individual or health care provider is authorized by the Drug Enforcement Administration to handle controlled substances.

Provider Licensure Verification

Verifies a medical provider’s license or registration status with state licensing authorities.

Medical Sanctions Verification

This report verifies whether a health care provider has a history of federal or state-level restrictions, penalties and/or disqualifications.

Volunteer Screening

A low-cost screening solution for non-profit and volunteer organizations. The volunteer screening is a consolidated report that includes a social security/name verification, criminal background check and a 50-state sex offender scan.

Education Verification

An education verification will verify an applicant’s school, dates of attendance and/or graduation, degree and major. Each school and degree is verified separately.

Employment Verification

The employment verification will provide the employment history, determine job stability and state income history. Our database contains current employment records. If there are no records found in the database, previous employers are contacted directly to perform the verification.

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