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    I state that the information I have provided the REQUESTER with regards to my seeking employment or education is true and complete. I understand that any false statement(s) made in this regard will result in not being offered employment/education or in termination of my employment or education. I further understand that this authorization is not intended to be a contract of employment or education, nor does this obligate the REQUESTER in any way to employ and/or train me. I hereby authorize the REQUESTER or any of their agents to make an inquiry into my personal history, education, employment, driving records, and criminal history through any investigative agencies or bureaus. The REQUESTER may request such reports for any purpose they deem appropriate, including, but not limited to, inquiries permitted by law.
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  • Upload a copy of the applicants driver's license. You may also email a copy to info@pslservices.net
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    • The sole purpose of this information including social security numbers is to be used for background screenings only. Information will be confidentially kept on file per state requirements and discarded appropriately. Social Security Numbers and identification provided are used to verify identity and for accuracy of data reported.

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