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Confirmation Testing and Medical Review Officer

Confirmation Testing

Confirmation TestingA urine drug test is executed via the gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GC/MS) method to provide confirmation of the drug screen results; what we, at Premier, call a lab confirmation.

Premier offers instant urine drug screens and upon a non-negative result, evidence of a tampered specimen, or a false positive, the specimen is sent to our SAHMSA certified and accredited laboratory for confirmation testing. A confirmation can determine if a specimen is diluted, has been adulterated, substituted or can confirm a false positive, like between Ibuprofen and marijuana, for example.

We also offer the option to partner with us as your confirmation drug test service. Through our corporate partnerships, we are able to offer cost-effective pricing on laboratory costs and work with our clients on a personal level to provide them confirmation testing on their screens.

We offer a variety of testing options to meet your needs:

  • Drug Screening Only
  • Drug Screening and Confirmation Testing
  • Drug Screen Training, Supplies and Confirmation Testing for Non-Negative Results Only
  • Confirmation Testing Only


Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Medical Review OfficerPremier Screenings offers a federally compliant and AAMRO certified MRO (Medical Review Officer) service for employers and individuals nationwide. Our Medical Review Officer services include the receiving, reviewing, reporting and analysis of pre-employment and random drug testing procedures. Any non-negative drug screening results will be reviewed by our MRO. There are a number of results the drug screening may return, and it is up to the MRO to consult with the donor and determine what final result will be reported. All federally mandated drug tests must be reviewed by an MRO, and although it is not required for non-federally mandated drug screenings, it is highly recommended in order to obtain the most accurate results.

Contact us for more information on our lab confirmation and MRO service bundle or for pricing on individual services. 

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