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DNA Testing for Legal Professionals

Premier Screenings serves attorneys and caseworkers with everything pertaining to their case when it comes to family law, estate planning, immigration or adoption cases. Our legal DNA testing is affordable, 99.99% accurate and is AABB accredited.

When you partner with Premier, you receive benefits like:


  • Mobile DNA testing – Premier’s DNA specialists will administer DNA tests in the hospital, doctor’s offices, your office and many other locations.
  • After Hours On Weekdays & Weekends – we accommodate schedules and will schedule appointments with your clients on weekends or after our normal business hours.
  • Bilingual to accommodate Spanish speaking clients
  • Affordable DNA testing
  • Personalized Customer Service

I appreciate how prompt, professional and very helpful your office has been.

Vermotta Hall Jackson, Esq.

Law Office Of Vermotta Hall Jackson, PLLC

Family Law

Paternity DNA Testing is typically required for many family law matters. Premier specializes in accurate and accredited Paternity DNA testing, including Prenatal, or pre-birth DNA testing. We adhere to the strict processes required for court-admissible Paternity DNA testing using a chain of custody and notarized results. We are corporate partners with collection sites nationwide allowing us to coordinate collections where ever parties involved are located. Our paternity testing can also be administered in our convenient location in Orlando or our DNA specialists can travel to the location of your choice. Premier is dedicated to privacy and can accommodate you and your clients unique case.

Estate Planning

Premier provides a variety of DNA tests to assist attorneys in estate planning and execution including DNA Profiling, DNA Banking, and relationship DNA testing. Premier also specializes in Post-Mortem cases, providing DNA testing of previously collected samples (e.g. blood card from the medical examiner). We consistently communicate with you during every step of the process, provide dedicated customer service and privacy should any disputes arise during estate planning. Contact us today for more information.


Premier’s team of DNA specialists has experience working with many immigration DNA testing cases with embassies around the world. A DNA test is often used in family-based immigration cases to prove biological relationships. Premier offers AABB accredited paternity, maternity, siblingship and grandparentage DNA tests that adhere to the strict process required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS). Partner with Premier Screenings today to assist your clients with this important and sensitive circumstance. You may also visit our Immigration DNA testing page HERE for more information.

Adoption and Surrogacy

DNA testing can be helpful in answering questions for many adoption and surrogate attorneys. DNA testing can be requested if your clients are looking to relinquish their parental rights, are hoping to reunite with a relative separated by adoption, have undergone assisted reproduction, or for those parents required to have a DNA test in order to adopt a child carried by a gestational surrogate. Prenatal DNA testing is also beneficial to attorneys since it provides the answers before a child is born. Premier offers a variety of DNA testing for adoption or surrogacy cases. Contact us today for more information.

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