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Probation Drug Test // Court Ordered Drug Test

Court Ordered Probation Drug TestPremier Screenings provides drug and alcohol testing that is legally-admissible and may be submitted in all situations involving social services and/or the courts. A court-ordered drug test may be required for situations like probation, foster care requirements, welfare laws, or testing needed by the court to settle family matters.

With Premier, our professional, certified collectors follow proper procedures for a probation drug test and other court-ordered drug tests to ensure the results you receive are accurate, reliable, and confidential, especially when it comes to families and judicial matters.

Probation Drug Test & Alcohol Testing Available

  • Hair, urine, oral (saliva) drug testing
  • Saliva, urine or breath alcohol testing
  • Observed collections if court-ordered

Common Reasons for a Court-Ordered Drug Test

  • Probation
  • DUI or DWI
  • Custody or Child Support
  • Divorce

Every case is unique and Premier can customize our services to meet your requirements. We offer affordable pricing on individual drug and alcohol testing options, or clients can receive a discount when services are combined into a service bundle. Contact us today for an instant quote on popular bundles like:


  • 10-Panel Urine Drug Test + Urine Alcohol Test
  • Instant 5, 10 or 12 Panel Drug Screening + Saliva Alcohol Test

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Alcohol Testing

Instant Drug Testing

Lab-Based Drug Testing

Certified Drug & Alcohol Testing

Premier is a certified collection site with trained and certified professional collectors. We strive in providing a fast, accurate, and personalized service. Our services are available to both individuals and employers in Central Florida and nationwide.

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Common Questions About Court-Ordered Drug Testing

Do you send results to my probation officer?

Yes, if you require your results to be faxed or emailed, we will send them to your probation officer or authorized representative immediately after your test is complete. We also provide copies of previous drug tests if you need them in the future for any reason.

Is an instant drug test acceptable for my situation?

This depends on your court order or the request of your probation officer. We recommend that you bring your court-ordered documents with you so we can administer the correct testing per your probation officer or court order.

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