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Student & Teen Drug Testing

drug test for teenagersHere at Premier, we realize that times have changed, and drugs and alcohol are more a part of teenagers’ lives than ever. We also know that suspecting your teen of such activity and then choosing to submit your teen to a drug test is something no parent wants. Trust has been broken, and disappointments have been made. But often times, a parent may feel he/she is hurting the teen by suggesting the drug test.

On the contrary. By submitting your teen to this kind of procedure, you are letting him/her know that you do, in fact care about his/her wellbeing. You are stepping in, reaffirming your presence and love for your teen, giving him/her a sense of value, while also preventing any possible future drug related activities.

Premier staff will provide materials to parents to educate them on common recreational drugs used by teens, and any symptoms, whether physical or behavioral, to identify usage. We also provide drug tests for teens at any of our facilities, or through our discreet, mobile drug testing service.

Student & Teen Drug Testing Options

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