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Frequently Asked Questions: DOT Compliance

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What is a DOT Third Party Administrator?

A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is a neutral third party who helps companies to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug & Alcohol testing regulation compliance. TPAs manage all, or part of a company’s drug testing process, making it easier for an employer to keep a company safe and regulated.

How often are drivers selected for a random drug test?

Premier contacts our program participants quarterly to get an updated list of active and inactive drivers. From there, we input the drivers into our system and generate a random list of these that require a random drug test and/or a random alcohol test. Selections are made every three months and tests must be completed by the end of the quarter. A driver must have a negative pre-employment drug test on file prior to adding them to a random pool.

Do you provide DOT/CDL Physical Exams

Yes, through our corporate partnership with Centra Care, we offer affordable DOT/CDL physical exams. Physical exams are done annually or biannually depending on the driver.

I already have a lab account and forms - do you provide collections only?

Yes, if you already have a laboratory account and a medical review officer, we can serve as your collection service only. We only require your forms (Chain of Custody Control Form) with your pre-printed account information and we will administer the collection and provide specimens to your laboratory.

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